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Sonam Jamphel

Lhasa Tibetan, English, Chinese

Born and raised in Tibet. My home town is near Lhasa airport which is about 70km from Lhasa city, currently I live and work between Lhasa and Chengdu two cities. I have more than 6 years of tour guide experiences on the Tibetan plateau and travelled almost every corners of the Tibet. Later in 2008, I have founded my own travel company in Lhasa and successfully stand up with an unique market value of ” Tibetan owned and Tibetan operated local Tibetan tour company”. With years of practical experiences in the Tibet tourism industry, I learnt that there is a fast growing numbers of tourists who want to have an authentic Tibetan experiences, possibly staying with local people and experience their daily lifestyle.

That is why we came up our “Plateau Homestays” to fill the market gap as well as provide a new market plateform for our Tibetan homestays to receive more and more visitors.

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